The church started in 1980. During the 60s and 70s in many places, people started meeting in homes in what became known as House Fellowships. The people who met together were committed to seeing God move in their lives in fresh ways. They also enjoyed good fellowship and friendship with each other.

In time many of these groups grew in numbers to the point where they could no longer fit in a room in a house and had to seek larger premises.

This church rented a number of properties until we purchased this building in July 1986. A major building programme took place, which added an extra floor and provided additional rooms.


Most people realise that it is very difficult to put the Christian faith into an exact set of words which everyone is happy with. Over the years Christians have given much thought to writing creeds and Statements of faith. We would agree with this statement of belief at the Evangelical Alliance site (but we would probably want to say more about some things!):

Evangelical Alliance Basis of faith

As we said in the our Introduction to the church, many churches in the UK  would also agree with these words. If however, you visit the different churches, you will experience something different in each one. This is often influenced by the style of their meetings, the type of  music they have, the way they configure their leadership and what different age ranges are represented in the church.

A website can only gave you an indication or ‘flavour’ of what a church is like. The best thing to do is to visit for a Sunday morning and experience it for yourselves. We would be pleased to see you.



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