Administration and finances

Clifton Community Church is an independent church and charitable trust. Officially the trust is named ‘Lyndhurst Christian Trust’. This is because the church was originally based in Lyndhurst Rd and the name also appears on the churches bank details.

As the church is independent it does not have to pay into any denomination (although we are part of the MLG churches network and pay a small sub to them each year). Therefore the church does not receive any income apart from what is given through the offerings, gifts and standing orders. Out of this money the church needs to pay for the upkeep of the building, running costs (bills etc.) and support to those who serve the church. We also give regular gifts to missionaries and other charitable works.

Those who regularly attend the church and feel committed as members are encouraged to honour the Lord through regular tithing or giving of 10% of their income, either through the Sunday offerings or by standing order/bank transfer. If you are a registered UK tax payer you can sign a covenant form and the church will receive a tax rebate. This usually comes once a year and is generally used for building maintenance. Please see John Goold who is the treasurer if you would like a standing order or covenant form

Although the church does give small amounts monthly to workers we also encourage individuals to support them. This can be done by putting money into an envelope with the person’s name on it and it will be passed on to them anonymously.

In addition we have recently set up a ‘Community fund’ this is to pay, for example, sandwiches for the homeless people we meet on the outreach or to give a gift to someone who has a particular need. This would not be a cash gift but could pay for an appropriate item. If you wish to contribute to this please use an envelope marked ‘Community fund’

Details of the trust and our accounts are available on the Charity Commissioner’s Website here