Mission Life Grace

Clifton Community Church belongs to a network of churches called MissionLifeGrace.

We as a family of churches are committed to seeing God’s Kingdom come, to reaching the lost, breaking down barriers with our communities, presenting the gospel in the language of the culture and seeing broken lives restored to a full life of freedom and joy in knowing Jesus Christ.

The value of being part of a network is that more can be accomplished together than in isolation and that the best means of collaboration is through the building on genuine, authentic relationships.

We believe the primary vehicle of God’s work in our world today is through our local church family. The network exists to support these churches in reaching out to their local community, sharing ideas and challenging one another to continue to be about God’s mission.

The Network runs a yearly conference in Devon when all the groups can meet together for encouragement and relaxation.

You can find out more about the network MissionLifeGrace at http://www.missionlifegrace.net