Sunday Mornings

Worshipping GodWe believe in Spirit-filled worship. Our Sunday morning worship times include spontaneous moments and opportunity for the expression of gifts of the Spirit.

We don’t have a standard order of service. There will be songs, there will be prayer but there can also be Scripture quotes or testimonies or words and pictures that God has put on people’s hearts.

A member of the ministry team will lead the meeting and the worship team will help to lead and start songs but everyone is able to participate.

Children and young people of all ages are welcome. After the worship time the children and youth go out to various groups depending on their ages.

While the children are in their groups the sermon will be preached. Carers in the crèche can listen via a speaker. For anyone who has missed the service or wants to listen again the sermons are uploaded and can be listened to online.

After the meeting we normally serve tea, coffee and biscuits.