Sunday morning meeting

Our meetings start at 10:30 a.m. at Clifton Hall. Our meeting room is upstairs but we are pleased to say that we have  a lift so if you have difficulty with stairs or if you  have a buggy or a wheelchair, you will be able to access the room.

It’s nice to know roughly what to expect when you come somewhere new! Our meetings do not have a detailed order of service, but we do follow a similar format each week.

We start with a time of worship where we sing and pray. People from the congregation are free to take part in the meeting and they may read from the bible or share something which has happened during the week, which they feel might help others . We sing a mix of new and old songs accompanied by the band. After this the children go down to their activities.

The adults stay upstairs and we then have a teaching session. The speaker will base the teaching on the Bible and apply that to our lives today. The session is usually recorded and will then be available on the website to download.

You are very welcome to stay after the meeting finishes. There are refreshments and this gives people a chance to talk and catch up with others.

If you’d like to hear one of our recent sermons, these are available on this site either to listen to now or to download as an MP3.



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